Analyze your playing to improve your sound & technique
A tuner/metronome that further improves the quality of your practicing

The TM-50 tuner/metronome, which allows musicians to practice both pitch and rhythm in a single unit, has now taken a major evolutionary leap to become the new TM-50TR.

In addition to the existing high-precision tuner functionality, the TM-50TR adds a new Tone Trainer function which analyses your playing sound in more detail. It detects not only the pitch, but also the volume and brightness of your tone, as well as the stability of these aspects, making it much easier to evaluate your own playing and practice more efficiently. Of course the TM-50TR also provides Sound Out and Sound Back functions that are great for improving your sense of pitch. Additionally, its metronome capabilities feature a new “periodic” metronome function that can help you practice keeping the rhythm. The display newly features a large color LCD for excellent visibility. The TM-50TR is available in your choice of two colors: silver or black.

With its ability to give you more detailed feedback on your playing, the TM-50TR will take your daily practice routine to the next level.

A tuner that detect not only the pitch but also the volume and tone

Tone Trainer function analyzes your sound as you play

In addition to its high precision as a tuner, the TM-50TR features a new “Tone Trainer” function (*1, 2) that can evaluate your sound in even greater detail. When you play a sustained note on your instrument, the TM-50TR will detect not only the pitch, but also the dynamics (volume) and brightness (tonal character). These three elements are displayed in the TM-50TR’s meter in real time. When you finish playing the note, the stability of each of these three elements is shown in a graph, allowing you to see at a glance whether your sound is stable.

By analyzing these three basic elements of sound, including tuning, the TM-50TR can identify which aspects of your playing need improvement, thus helping you practice more efficiently.

The Tone Trainer function is based on KORG’s new ARTISTRY (*3) technology. This is proprietary technology for analyzing and evaluating sound that was developed through cooperative research under the supervision of Xavier Serra, Director of the Music Technology Group at the Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona, Spain.



*1 The Tone Trainer function supports woodwinds, brass, and string instruments. It does not support plucked-string instruments such as guitars, nor voice.
*2 The Tone Trainer function cannot be used if the tuner and metronome are being used simultaneously. If you want to simply tune using only pitch detection, turn on the metronome.
*3 ARTSITRY = Automatic Rating Technology for musical InSTRument plaYers. This technology has already earned a high reputation from its use in the iOS tuner app “cortosia.”

** Please refer to the additional manual about notes when you use Tone Trainer function with Contact Microphone CM-200.

“It is great achievement of KORG to be able to embed several state of the art sound analysis algorithms that measure the sound quality of many musical instruments in an affordable device like this one. It is also an important technological advancement that I am sure musicians will be able to take advantage off.”

– Xavier Serra / Director of the Music Technology Group at the Pompeu Fabra University, Barcelona

The Sound Out function produces a reference tone from the built-in speaker

In addition to visual tuning using the meter, you can use the Sound Out function to produce a reference tone from the internal speaker or headphones, and tune by ear. You can specify the reference tone in a three-octave range from C3 (130.81 Hz) to C6 (1046.50 Hz), which covers a wide variety of instruments.

The Sound Back function generates the reference tone that’s closest to the input sound

In addition to the Sound Out function, the TM-50TR provides a Sound Back function (*) that’s ideal for further training your sense of pitch. The reference tone that’s closest to the note you play into the tuner is played back to you through the speaker, and the pitch of your input is simultaneously shown in the meter; this lets you check the pitch simultaneously by eye and ear, enabling you to tune accurately and also helping you develop an accurate sense of pitch.

*This function is available for input via the INPUT jack or when using earphones.

A metronome that further develops your sense of rhythm

Usable simultaneously with the tuner

The TM-50TR lets you use the tuner function and metronome function simultaneously. For example, if you’re doing rhythm training along with the sound of the metronome, and feel that the tuning of your instrument might have drifted, you can turn on the tuner function while letting the metronome continue running. This lets you simultaneously train two elements that are indispensable for any instrumental performance: your sense of pitch and your sense of rhythm.

Fifteen rhythm variations

You can choose fifteen types of metronome rhythms. It contains standard time signature from 0 through 9, and sophisticated rhythms such as duplets, triplets, triplets without the center beat, quadruplets, quadruplets without the center beats. It allows training a diverse variety of styles including classical, rock, and jazz.

*If you’re using the tuner and metronome simultaneously or you’re using the periodic metronome function, triplets, triplets omitting the middle beat, quadruplets, and quadruplets omitting the center beats will not be available.

Periodic metronome function is ideal for training

The TM-50TR features a new Periodic Metronome function that further develops your sense of rhythm. This function repeatedly alternates between sounding and silencing the metronome for the specified number of measures, so that you can keep playing during the silent measures to see how well your own performance has kept time with the metronome when it resumes sounding. The cycle between sound and silence can be adjusted in a range of 0–4 measures (with a setting of 0 the function is off). This is a great way to test whether you are accurately keeping the rhythm during your performance.

Example: BEAT (time signature)=4, PERIODIC (measure)=2

A compact body packed with numerous functions

Large color LCD display for improved visibility

The display is even larger, and now features color for better visibility. A brilliant white backlight and an extremely clear color VA meter provide high contrast and a wide viewing angle. In conjunction with the LED guide at the top of the display, this display ensures excellent visibility, even when you’re performing on a dim stage or in an orchestra pit.

Available in two color variations

For the body color, you can choose sleek black or either beautiful metallic silver. The folding stand on the rear of the TM-50TR provides stability in a free-standing position

Auto power-off and memory backup functions

A variety of functions are available to support your training endeavors such as the auto power-off function, which saves the battery if you forget to turn the unit off, and the memory backup function that preserves your settings even when the power is off.

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