Everyone hears the same tempo in their ear;
an in-ear metronome with synchronization

The SyncMetronome is an ultra-miniature metronome that fits easily in your ear. It lets you hear the metronome sound directly in your ear without being drowned out by surrounding noises. It can also synchronize the tempo via infrared, providing the ideal way for multiple people in a brass band or marching band to share the same tempo during practice. With a variety of beats and rhythms, it’s compact yet also provides a full complement of basic metronome functionality. Change the tempo easily with the jog switch while a unique fitting mechanism keeps the unit securely in your ear.

* The lineup also includes the simple In-EarMetronome that’s ideal for personal practice, the StrokeRhythm that’s ideal for golf practice, and the SyncDancing that’s ideal for practicing social dance. You can choose the model that’s perfect for your purpose.

Practice your instrument while listening to the rhythm directly in your ear

The SyncMetronome is a unique style of metronome that you use by wearing it directly in your ear. Since the speaker unit fits directly in your ear, it’s useful not only for personal practice with any instrument, but also when you want to hear an accurate rhythm without being drowned out by the sounds of your surroundings, such as if you are practicing while surrounded by high-volume instruments.


Infrared tempo synchronization, ideal for multi-person practice sessions

The SyncMetronome is ideal not just for personal practice but also when multiple people need to keep in time with each other, such as when practicing parts in a brass band or a marching band. If you have two or more SyncMetronome units, they can be synchronized via infrared, ensuring that everyone shares the exact same tempo and timing even when the units are worn directly in each person’s ear. Until now, part practice required a single metronome to be placed in the center of the group, but inadequate volume was a problem. The SyncMetronome eliminates such concerns, letting you practice with everyone hearing the same solid tempo in their own ear.

Tempo synchronization is easy; just click two SyncMetronome units together and press the sync button. There’s no limit to the number of units that can be synchronized.

A wide variety of beats and rhythms

The tempo setting range is a generous 30–252 bpm, and a wide variety of beats and rhythms are provided. You can set the beat in the range of 0–9 beats, and choose the rhythm from quarter notes, duplets, triplets, triplets with the inner beat omitted, triplets with the third beat omitted, quadruplets, quadruplets with the middle beats omitted, and quadruplets with the third and fourth beats omitted. This covers your practicing needs for a broad range of songs, styles and techniques.




Use the jog switch to set the tempo intuitively

The SyncMetronome features a jog switch on the side of the body, allowing you to easily change the settings without removing the unit from your ear. Using the jog switch you can select not just the tempo setting, but also the beat, rhythm, and volume. This provides a compact yet highly intuitive method of operation. The mode select / power button, sync / mute button, and an LCD display that shows the tempo and other information are located on the inside of the body.




Comfortably and securely fits a variety of ear shapes

The SyncMetronome utilizes two distinctive mechanisms to ensure a stable fit in any ear, large or small. The first is an Ear Fitter that extends from below the speaker. Its angle can be finely adjusted by rotating the speaker itself, allowing to fit the various shapes of ear hole. The second is an Ear Clip that opens or closes to fasten on the earlobe. The clip ensures a solid hold that will not be dislodged even by sudden shocks or vigorous movement when in use.




Extended operating time, and memory backup

In spite of its ultra-small sized body, the SyncMetronome provides approximately 100 hours of continuous operation using a coin-type lithium battery. The memory backup function remembers the tempo and other settings even when the power is off. The battery can be easily replaced by opening and closing the cover located on the back of the body.



Ear pad and carrying case included

To enhance the fit, the SyncMetronome includes a well-cushioned ear pad (*). Also included is a carrying case that neatly stores the SyncMetronome itself, the battery, and the ear pad. You can take this with you for convenient rhythm training anywhere you go.

* If this is lost or damaged, you can use general ear pads (earphone diameter 16 mm).

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