From the WORKSTATION FX Group, the pride of KORG
Carefully selected High-quality Multi Digital Effects

MDE-X comes with 21 types of effects, such as compressor, limiter, overdrive, EQ, talking modulator, flanger, phaser, chorus, delay, and reverb.

MDE-X uses the high-quality TRITON instant effect algorithm. Use the effects that have been used in many famous sounds and have defined the sound in plug-ins. Featuring 128 types of effect programs, it can be used in a wide range of applications, such as sound design, live performances, and mixing. MDE-X V2 has had its design further refined, adding Distortion and Feedback Reverb, two new types of high-end effects that allow multiple types to be switched.

KORG Collection 2: Refined

KORG Step Master

Tighter rhythm, more fun!
Step Master, the iPhone app that lets you acquire the sense of rhythm that you need for dance.

In order to dance impressively, the crucial point is to keep the rhythm! This is something that even top dancers active on the world stage always keep in mind. It’s easy to be distracted by flashy moves, but what really makes or breaks a performance is whether the dancer has internalized the tempo. The best way to become a better dancer is to improve your body’s core strength and your sense of rhythm.
Step Master is a fun iPhone app that lets dancers from beginner to expert level improve their sense of rhythm as if they were playing a game. From basic steps to complex choreography, a total of 49 dance variations are provided. Each of these are clearly illustrated with motion graphics that rotate 360 degrees. It’s the birth of a new dance training tool in which the accelerometer accurately detects the dancer’s sense of tempo, letting you master the moves.

  • iPhone app that lets you develop your sense of rhythm in an enjoyable game-like manner
  • Provides trial stages (free) and training stages (in-app purchase)
  • The trial stages provide four dance variations, and the training stages provide 45 dance variations.
  • Covers a broad range of levels from beginning to pro dancers: stages 1 – 2 are beginning and intermediate, and stages 3 – 4 are advanced
  • Accelerometer is used to accurately detect the dancer’s movements
  • Motion graphics rotate 360 degrees, letting you see every detail of the chorography
  • Realtime sensing of the discrepancy between the tempo of the background music and the dancer’s sense of rhythm
  • While you dance, the Advice function informs you in real time of any inaccuracy in your sense of tempo
  • Each time you clear another stage, the dancer in the motion graphics gets a costume upgrade
  • Provides clear dance tips at every point in the choreography
  • Step up to the next stage as you improve your score
  • Movie function lets you record your own dancing

Carefully selected effects and superb ease of use

A carefully made selection of effects and parameters that are needed for music production are provided so that you can quickly shape the sound you imagine. Furthermore, the CPU-efficient, high-quality effects attained through fine-tuning assist you in all stages of music production, from mixing to mastering.

High-resolution interface for Retina and 4K

We have made major GUI refinements to the KORG Legacy Collection MDE-X software released in 2004. Its high-resolution graphics that will make it fit into modern Retina & 4K environments. By supporting six levels of scalability, usability has been drastically improved. Enjoy features that are easy to use, get the satisfaction provided by the MDE-X and control many parameters such as patching, all at a high resolution.

Two types of new effects included

KORG Collection MDE-X V2 comes with two powerful effects added to the regular 19 effects. You can use a total of 21 types of high-quality multi effects, including Distortion with three types of switchable effects such as Valve Reactor, and also Feedback which has four types of switchable effects such as Reverb, Space, and Riser.

Update now!

Users who already have the plugins from the KORG Collection series can update to version 2 for free. Update now to try the evolved MDE-X V2.

First, try the demo version

The KORG Collection MDE-X V2 is available as a free demo version* that offers all synthesis functions for free as a trial. Get a glimpse of the possibilities before buying.

* KORG ID account is required.
* There is no demo version of the ARP ODYSSEY and LegacyCell.
* The software can only be used for 20 minutes at a time.
* The ability to save edited programs is disabled.

Included in the KORG Collection

MDE-X V2 is included in the KORG Collection 2 Special Bundle. The Special Bundle is a special package of eight pieces of software. All at once, you will be able to get the famous analog machines that laid the groundwork for the synthesizer as an instrument in the 1970s and early 80s, and the well-known digital machines that changed the history of music in the late 1980s and 90s.

Please consult the KORG Collection 2 product page for the system requirements.

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