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Number of programs:
Sound Categories:
Lead=40 (8), Acoustic=15, Bass=40 (12), Chord=40 (11), SE=30 (5), Drum=30 (10),
Drum Pattern = 40 (16), Vocoder = 15
( ): New or improved functionality is enclosed in parentheses.
Number of Scales:
Key setting:
Main controllers:
Touch pad, GATE ARP TIME/SPEED slider
Audio Input:
Line Input (Stereo RCA jacks)
Mic Input (Mono unbalanced 6.3 mm phone Jack)
Audio Output:
Line Output (Stereo RCA pin jacks)
Headphone (6.3 mm Stereo phone jack)
Sampling Frequency:
24 bit / Linear
External storage device:
SD Card (16MB – 2GB), SDHC Card (- 32GB)
Type B
Power supply:
(W) x (D) x (H*)
210 x 226 x 49 mm / 8.27 x 8.90 x 1.93 inches
*including knob height
1.3 kg / 2.87 lbs.
AC adapter
Protective sheet for touch pad

Operating requirements for “KAOSSILATOR PRO+ Editor”

With USB ports support “Microsoft Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8”.
Microsoft Windows XP (SP3 or later) / Vista (SP2 or later, 32bit/64bit) / 7 (SP1 or later, 32bit/64bit) / 8 (32bit/64bit),

Apple Macintosh computer with USB ports support Mac OS X.
Later Mac OS X 10.5 or later
Intel Mac supports

Program List

L.000 Pulse Verb, L.001 Synth Lead, L.002 Unison Lead, L.003 Force Lead, L.004 Sync Saw LD, L.005 Sine Portamt, L.006 XMod SawLead, L.007 Digital Talk, L.008 Saw Lead, L.009 Party Lead, L.010 Square Lead, L.011 Sync Squ LD, L.012 FeedbackLead, L.013 WideDistLD, L.014 Tell Min, L.015 MICRO Lead, L.016 Mini Lead, L.017 Crazy Lead, L.018 Syn Decay, L.019 5th Lead, L.020 Basic Arp, L.021 XMod Decay, L.022 Soft Lead, L.023 SquareXX, L.024 Talk, L.025 Syn Brass, L.026 5th Decay, L.027 MS20 Lead, L.028 Fe-Voice, L.029 Orange Lead, L.030 5th Brass, L.031 Belec, L.032 Ambient Lead, L.033 LR 5th Lead, L.034 Square Bell, L.035 LFO Squ Lead, L.036 Unison Sweep, L.037 3octave Lead, L.038 XY Scale, L.039 Pitch Mod
A.040 Vibraphone, A.041 Trumpet, A.042 Piano, A.043 Tape Flute, A.044 Dist Guitar, A.045 E.Piano, A.046 Glass Bell, A.047 Phase Clav, A.048 Digerido, A.049 Elec Sitar, A.050 Duo Strings, A.051 Jazz Guitar, A.052 Tenor Sax, A.053 Harmonica, A.054 Flute
B.055 Boost Bass, B.056 Duck Bass, B.057 Wobble Bass, B.058 Square Bass, B.059 Acid Bass, B.060 SeqXModBass, B.061 Bend Bass, B.062 E-Pump Bass, B.063 Kick Bass, B.064 FB Bass, B.065 Lofi Bass, B.066 Z Bass, B.067 Oddy Bass, B.068 MG Bass, B.069 Ring Bass, B.070 Early Bass, B.071 Rude Bass, B.072 House Bass, B.073 Slap Bass, B.074 Bad Bass, B.075 Disco Bass, B.076 Attack Bass, B.077 Hoover Bass, B.078 Talk Bass, B.079 AcousticBass, B.080 Simple Bass, B.081 Fat Bass, B.082 Elec Bass, B.083 Big Bass, B.084 Sexy Bass, B.085 Reso Bass, B.086 Unison Bass, B.087 XMod Bass, B.088 Fall Bass, B.089 Zap Bass, B.090 DistSawBass, B.091 Bit Bass, B.092 Stereo Bass, B.093 Valve Bass, B.094 Organ Bass
C.095 Pump Chord, C.096 OnlyChord, C.097 kasCode, C.098 Sine Chord, C.099 Pulse Chord, C.100 HeadLine, C.101 Dream Sign, C.102 Amb Piano, C.103 Tek Chord, C.104 Flash Chord, C.105 Electro Stab, C.106 Filter Chord, C.107 Side Chain, C.108 ArpeggioSine, C.109 Wurly Chord, C.110 Guitar Chord, C.111 E.Guitar Hit, C.112 Pad Chord 1, C.113 UM Sequence, C.114 2039, C.115 Filter Mod, C.116 Decay Chord, C.117 ArpeggioDown, C.118 Synth Chord, C.119 Dungeon, C.120 ArpeggioPuls, C.121 Phaser Chord, C.122 EL Chord, C.123 Chord Seq, C.124 FilterMod5th, C.125 Pad Chord 2, C.126 DecaySynChod, C.127, Trance Chord, C.128 PopDanceCode, C.129 Organ Chord, C.130 Sweep Chord, C.131 Power Chord, C.132 BPF Chord, C.133 E.Piano Chod, C.134 Chord Hit
S.135 Pump Noise, S.136 Disco Siren, S.137 ItchNoiz, S.138 AirHorn, S.139 WaxNator, S.140 Resonate, S.141 Helicopter, S.142 Orch Hit, S.143 Kaoss Drone, S.144 8bit Game, S.145 Sweep, S.146 Rise/Fall, S.147 IndustrySFX, S.148 Infinity, S.149 XY Cat, S.150 8bit Noise, S.151 HPF Square, S.152 Quiz Show, S.153 Game SFX, S.154 Sync Random, S.155 Noise Filter, S.156 Metal, S.157 Siren, S.158 Missile, S.159 Random, S.160 Beam Saber, S.161 Synth Looper, S.162 Ring Mod SFX, S.163 Voice Looper, S.164 Drop
D.165 Dubstep Kit, D.166 HipHop Kit 1, D.167 DoncaMatic, D.168 Techno Kit 1, D.169 Rock Kit 1, D.170 Chip Kit 1, D.171 Chip Kit 2, D.172 WD Kit, D.173 GateKit, D.174 MiniKit, D.175 Percussion, D.176 Zap/Hit, D.177 Conga, D.178 Rock Kit 2, D.179 Tom, D.180 House Kit 1, D.181 House Kit 2, D.182 Techno Kit 2, D.183 Disco Kit, D.184 HipHop Kit 2, D.185 Standard Kit, D.186 80’s Kit, D.187 Cymbal-Revb, D.188 Cymbal-Filt, D.189 Clap, D.190 Phone/Clap, D.191 BD/SD, D.192 Filter Snare, D.193 Timpani, D.194 XMod Perc
Drum Pattern
P.195 E.House, P.196 Techno 1, P.197 Hip Hop 1, P.198 Dubstep 1, P.199 Rock 1, P.200 Gate, P.201 Breaks, P.202 Chip 1, P.203 Electronic, P.204 FactorY, P.205 NoKick 1, P.206 Chip 2, P.207 Mini, P.208 NoKick 2, P.209 WaveDrum, P.210 Donca Matic, P.211 Hip Hop 2, P.212 House 1, P.213 Jam Guitar, P.214 House 2, P.215 Conga Loop, P.216 Techno 2, P.217 Electro, P.218 Dubstep 2, P.219 Reggaeton, P.220 Hip Hop 3, P.221 Disco, P.222 Rock 2, P.223 Breakbeats, P.224 Drum’n’Bass, P.225 Bossa Nova, P.226 Lo-Fi Breaks, P.227 Zap Beat, P.228 XY Drum, P.229 Deci Beat, P.230 Beat Box, P.231 Grain Beat, P.232 Call Me, P.233 Taiko, P.234 Robo
V.235 Vocod-Unison, V.236 Vocod-Pulse, V.237 Vocod-Chord1, V.238 Vocod-Detune, V.239 Vocod-Deci, V.240 Vocod-5th, V.241 Vocod-Chord2, V.242 Vocod-Saw, V.243 Vocod-Echo, V.244 Vocod-Formnt, V.245 Audio-Pitch, V.246 Audio-Grain, V.247 Audio-Delay, V.248 Audio-Filter, V.249 Audio-Looper
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