12 note equal temperament
Detection Range (Sine wave)
A0 (27.5Hz)–C8 (4186Hz)
Reference Tone
C4 (261.63Hz)–C5 (523.25Hz) One octave
Tuning Modes
Meter mode, Sound Out mode
Calibration Range
A4 = 410Hz–480Hz (1Hz steps)
Detection Accuracy
+/- 1 cent
Sound Accuracy
+/- 1.5 cent
INPUT jack (1/4″ monaural phone jack), OUTPUT jack (1/4″ monaural phone jack)
Internal Speaker
Dynamic Speaker (φ21mm)
Power Supply
AAA battery (3.0 V) x 2
Battery Life
Approximately 135 hours (zinc-carbon batteries, Meter mode, A4 continuous input)
Dimensions (W x D x H)
100 mm x 67 mm x 17 mm / 3.94″ x 2.64″ x 0.67″
81 g / 2.86 oz. (including batteries)
Included Items
Two AAA batteries for verifying operation
Accessories (sold separately)
CM-200 Contact Microphone
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