A stylish wooden keyboard stand for the SV-2, SV-1, D1.

This stand is dedicated to the SV-2 and SV-1 stage vintage pianos, D1 digital piano. With its stylish, modern design, and the warmth of the real wood, it is well coordinated with any modern living room and classy club stage. To make it play in harmony with the world, we carved its legs out of wood produced by sustainable cultivations respectful of the environment. Sturdy, light to carry, and easy to assemble, it’s the perfect fit for our elegant musical instruments.


Dimensions (W x D x H)
1,044 x 363 x 640 mm / 41.1” x 14.3” x 25.2”
5.35 kg
KORG SV-2, SV-1, D1
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ST-WL with SV-2

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